Event Scheduling Policy

The responsibilities of hosting an event in a Student Centers venue include, but may not be limited to:

  1. coordination of all campus services needed for the proposed activity
  2. compliance with all Georgetown University policies and procedures and applicable laws
  3. ensuring the execution of contracts between Georgetown University and any non-Georgetown University organization
  4. representing the activity and any non-Georgetown University organization to the community
  5. ensuring that all fees assessed for the activity are paid in full with Georgetown University GMS Worktags

The following policies apply to reservations for space:

Responsibility of the Event Sponsor or Host

The Student Organization or Faculty/Staff host designated on the Space Reservation Request agrees:

a) to be present throughout the event and to have available for inspection the confirmation copy of the Space Reservation Request and applicable support documents and licenses; 
b) to be responsible for communicating any restrictions regarding the facility to the group and the participants;
c) to be responsible, individually and jointly with any sponsored group, for the charges levied for use of the facility, special services and equipment, repair of any damages to the facility, and cleaning above what is usual and customary.  All Georgetown organizations and departments must pay with GMS 
Worktags for their events. 

Compliance with laws, policies, and regulations  

Groups using university facilities must comply with university policies and regulations and with all federal and District of Columbia laws. These include, but are not limited to, Georgetown University policies addressing alcohol possession and use, catering, sound amplification, posting, and vending.

Limits on privileges

Permission to use university facilities may be revoked or other administrative action taken for non-compliance with applicable policies and laws. Requests for events may be denied if:

a) the requestor or host is not in good standing in the university community
b) the Event Request Form is incomplete or inaccurate
c) the event is deemed likely to disrupt normal university functions
d) the event is deemed in conflict with the tax-exempt status of the university
e) the university is officially closed for the requested dates
f) the event is deemed to pose a risk to the safety of the university community
g) the Event Request Form does not identify a university host

Practices and Procedures

Scheduling Process
  • Space Requests can be submitted by faculty, full-time staff, and the officers of a recognized student organization through the Georgetown University EMS Campus website (http://eventspace.georgetown.edu)
  • All requests are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Student Centers events requires at least three (3) business days to schedule an event requiring little or no support service. Reservations for more complex events should be requested at least ten (10) business days in advance.
  • An Event Checklist may be required for detailed information about an event request.
  • Charges may be levied for services and equipment related to the use of the space.
  • Confirmations are sent by email.
  • Telephone and email reservations are not accepted.
Expectations for space use
  • The space will be used for purpose expressed in the original request.
  • Do not remove any equipment (i.e. tables, chairs, a/v equipment, etc.) from the room you have reserved or any other rooms.
  • "Trading spaces" with other groups or departments is not permitted.
  • The space will be left in an orderly condition.
  • Host should not be handling tables and chairs or any other event equipment for a setup, due to insurance and liability concerns.
  • Damages, carpet stains, and broken equipment must be reported promptly by the host.
  • Prohibited: candles or any other open flame source (i.e. sternos, votives, etc.), glitter or any mylar product, taping or push-pin banners/posters/signs on any painted or fabric walls (please make arrangements for appropriate display equipment.)

In general, Student Centers event spaces are available for registered student organizations use for little or no charge to the group. Georgetown University Faculty and Staff departments may use the event spaces at a reduced cost as outlined in the Space Rental Fee Sheet.  All Georgetown University organizations and departments must pay with their GMS Worktags which must be supplied before the Space Reservation Request is submitted.

Georgetown University organizations and departments are responsible for the additional costs associated with special setups or event needs, extensive cleanups, food and beverage service, or performance quality sound and lighting. If programs extend beyond regular building coverage hours, all sponsoring organizations will be charged for extra staffing and labor required to keep the Student Center open.  

Estimated invoices will be provided to the sponsoring group before the event.  If the estimated invoice is not approved within three business days of the event, Student Centers reserves the right to cancel the event. The Client shall also be liable for any costs incurred by Student Centers in scheduling the Event.

"Late-add" events include any events scheduled within three business days before the date of the event. Late-add events require an upfront total payment. There are no refunds for cancellations of these late-add events.

For external clients, a signed event reservation form AND 15% non-refundable deposit must be submitted to Student Centers event staff before the event can be confirmed. Cancellations of events must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the actual date of the event to receive a refund (minus the deposit).

Cancellations and No-Shows


The Student Centers event staff request a minimum notice of three business days for any event cancellations. Cancelling a reserved space in advance will allow for event staff to better meet the growing number of requests for meeting space.

If the Client informs Student Centers event staff less than 30 days before the Event's Start Date, Student Centers staff reserves the right to charge the Client 50% of the Client's Estimated Invoice.  If the Client informs Student Centers event staff less than 15 days before the Event's Start Date, Student Centers staff reserves the right to charge the Client 75% of the Client's Estimated Invoice.  Any cancellations within three business days will be charged 100% of the Client’s Estimated Invoice.


A "no-show" is any unannounced absence from a scheduled facility.

If a University department fails to show up for a reserved room, they will be charged 100% of the Client’s Estimated Invoice.  After the third no-show in the same semester, the department’s Student Centers scheduling privileges will be suspended for the rest of the semester, and all remaining reservations for that semester will be cancelled.

If a student organization fails to show up for a reserved room, they will be issued a warning. After a second no-show, the student organization will be charged a room rental fee for the reserved room. After the third no-show in the same semester, the student organization’s Student Centers scheduling privileges will be suspended for the rest of the semester, and all remaining reservations for that semester will be cancelled.

No-show warnings will be sent in the event that Student Centers staff is not notified of an event cancellation.  Any group that no-shows three times will be penalized with a suspension of scheduling privileges.  Fees may be incurred for any group that no-shows for an event reservation.


Groups may use Aramark (Bulldog Tavern management), Georgetown Catering, or another University Approved Caterer for your event. Aramark has kitchen services available within the Healey Family Student Center.
Please note: if you are serving alcohol, it must be provided by Aramark.

Student Centers does NOT provide linens or tablecloths. You may either contact Georgetown University Special Events or an external University Approved vendor for options.

Event SetUp

Setups within Student Centers venues are completed by Student Centers staff.  Due to regulations in safety and liability, clients are prohibited from completing their own setups within the facility.  Clients are able to access the reserved event space once the setup has been completed.  

Space setup configurations may differ between Student Centers spaces. Student Centers event staff reserves the right to relocate your preferred request according to space availability and/or appropriateness. Some fees may apply based on space, services, or equipment associated with the event.

Event Resources

Tables and chairs can be provided by Student Centers staff.  Specific needs for equipment may have fees associated with rental from Georgetown University Special Events or a non-University entity.  Easels and flip charts can be provided upon request (charges may apply). Please refer to the Student Centers Event Resource price list. Taping of notices or signs to walls or the doors within the interior of the building or leading from the exterior of the building are prohibited. Users will be responsible for any damages to walls/doors if tape is used.

Audio Visual

Student Centers event staff can provide basic audio-visual needs for all spaces.
Equipment and Technician fees may apply.

All outside, non-University audio visual equipment must receive approval from Student Centers Management at least 30 days before use during an event.

No outside audio-visual equipment can be plugged into any of Georgetown University's equipment without proper authorization from Student Centers Management.

Event Photography Disclaimer

Please post the following text in a highly visible location at any event in which there will be photography (University, professional, or amateur) taken: “Please be advised that photographs will be taken at the event for use on the Georgetown website and in the press, Georgetown marketing materials, and all other university publications. By entering this event, you consent to the University photographing and using your image and likeness.”

Additional information about Georgetown University scheduling policies may be found at http://getinvolved.georgetown.edu/reserving-spaces/facilities/policies